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Best Dressed - Lil Kim: Crush on you (1996) 
Get inspired by the fashion swag of the 90´s & impress us with an outfit in one colour of your choice with matching eye and/or headwear. 
🏆1 Trophy

Designers Delight - Michael Jackson
Get inspired by the Style Icons look in his music videos, live performances or red carpet appearances. Be inspired by his signatures such as Swarovski-encrusted gloves, military jackets and his love for sparkles and dazzling crystals. BUT make sure to serve us a personal touch in your self designed outfit!!!!
🏆 1 Trophy

Bizaar - Parliament Funkadelics
Show us your Bizaar look and get inspired by The Funk Collective which was inducted into the Rock'n Roll Hall of Fame in 1997. They were inspired by psychedelic culture, outlandish fashion, science-fiction and surreal humor. Their music and fashion statements had an influential effect on subsequent funk, post-punk, hip-hop, and post-disco artists of the 1980s and 1990s. 
🏆 1 Trophy


All American OTA - Janet Jackson: Rhythm Nation (1989)
Get inspired by the Rhythm Nation video, a fierce song bringing social awareness and which is paired with the perfect militant “by any means necessary” look! 
🏆 1 Trophy

BQ European Runway - Prince: Little Red Corvette (1982) 
Get inspired by Prince and his shiny purple and white outfit and bring it to the Runway! 
🏆 1 Trophy

Tag Team Virgin Runway OTA - Rick James: Super freak (1981)
Serve us your super freak fashion Runway as a tag team - all combinations are allowed. 2 All American / 1 All American & 1 European / 2 European 
🏆 1 Trophy

FF European Runway - George Micheal: To Funky (1990) 
Serve it inspired by one of the iconic designer looks in the video of top models; Eva Herzigova, Linda Evangelista, Nadja Auermann, Emma Sjöberg, Estelle Hallyday, Shana Zadrick, Tyra Banks, Beverly Peele and Emma Balfour. 
🏆 2 Trophies: Drag vs FQ / Woman


FF Performance:
WOMEN: Tina turner - Whats love got to do with it (1984)
Bring in a jeans + leather rock ‘n’ roll chic outfit inspired byTina Turner. 
🏆 1 Trophy

FQ: TLC - Creep (1992) 
Serve crazy sexy cool one colour silk pajama like TLC!
🏆 1 Trophy

Drags: En vogue - My Lovin (1992)
Serve it in on of the fab video outfits by En Vogue : silver dress or a black glam body. 
🏆 1 Trophy

BQ Vogue Fem: Destiny's Child - Survivor ( 2001)
Serve it in a military surviver outfit like Destiny´s Child!
🏆 1 Trophy

New Way / Old Way OTA: MC Hammer - U Can´t Touch This (1990) Serve it in one of the iconic MC Hammer looks in classical “Hammer Pants” or 90´s spandex fashion! 
🏆 2 Trophies Old Way / New Way

Realness with A twist: Blackstreet - No Diggity (1996)
Serve like Blackstreet in either a white overall with black t-shirt or blue overall with white t-shirt! 
🏆 1 Trophy

Tag Team Virgin Performance OTA: Girl & Boy Bands of the 90s 
You may team up in any combination of performance style : old way / new way / vogue fem. get inspired by either band and their hit video: Spice Girls: Wannabe (1996) or Backstreet Boys - As Long As You Love Me (1997) 
🏆 1 Trophy

Handsperformance vs. Arm Control: Missy Elliot - She´s a bitch (1999) Serve us handsperformance or arm control in a black & silver outfit inspired by Missy Elliots video. Make sure to incorporate the futuristic eyewear / make up! 
🏆 1 Trophy


FF Face: Alicia Keys - Fallin (2001)
Serve us face in an outfit inspired by one of the two outfits in her video Fallin - either casual rock with a black long coat or casual chic with a brown coat. 
🏆 2 Trophies: Women / FQ

BQ Face - Lenny Kravitz 
Juniors (under 30 years) : It Ain't Over Till It's Over ( 1991) 
serve it in Rock & Roll style all black outfit with jewelry like the 27 year old Lenny Kravitz - necklace & rings or bracelet mandatory! 
🏆 1 Trophy

Silver Fox (over 30): Lenny Kravitz - Again (2000) 
Serve it in a Rock & Roll Style Outfit inspired by the 38 year old Lenny Kravitz - don´t forget your sunglasses for your 10´s to complete your look! 
🏆 1 Trophy

Best Drag Makeup: Whitney Houston - I Wanna Dance with Somebody (1987) Serve it like Whitney in her hit video and serve us your make-up in a dress or jeans & leather outfit - colorful 80´s makeup mandatory! 
🏆 1 Trophy


MF / Cat Boys: Weather Girls - It´s Raining Men (1982 ) 
Serve it like one of the hot boys in the Weather Girl's video! For your 10´s bring it in a trench coat (umbrella + hat optional).
🏆 2 Trophies MF / Catboys

FF: Salt & Pepper feat. En Vogue - What a Man (1994)
Seduce us in either sexy lingerie or in a sexy 90`s, inspired outfit of the hit video. 
🏆 1 Trophy


BQ Body: Muscular vs Models - LL Cool J - Phenomenon (1997) 
Serve us body like LL Cool J in his hot video "Phenomenon" inspired by either his shiny red or black leather/latex outfit.
🏆 1 Trophy

FF Body : Luscious & Models: Sean Paul - Temperature (2005)
No matter which temperature - you make it hot! Serve us body inspired by one the following outfits in the video : in a red beachwear outfit or in a white outfit with a winter touch.
🏆 2 Trophies


Male Figure Realness OTA: Boys to Men - End of the Road (1993) Serve us your realness inspired by one of the outfit styles in the hit video of Boys to Men, matching your kind of realness! Open to Thug Realness, Executive Realness, Pretty Boy Realness, School Boy Realness. 
🏆 3 Trophies Butch / BQ / Transmen

Female Figure Realness : Beyoncé - Crazy in Love (2003)
Serve us realness and confidence like Beyoncé in her fashionable and sexy outfits that make you go crazy in love! 
🏆 2 Trophies Drags / FQ


Posing as a Team: George Michael Freedom (1990) 
inspired by Peter Lindbergh's iconic portrait of Naomi Campbell, Linda Evangelista, Tatjana Patitz, Christy Turlington, and Cindy Crawford for the January 1990's cover of the British edition of Vogue, George Michael asked the five models to appear in his hit video. Serve us one pose after another as a team consisting of 3 Members - there are no house affiliations necessary! 
🏆 1 Trophy

BQ Up in Pumps - Jennifer Lopez (2005)
Impress us in your heels / pumps or high heel boot and get down like Jennifer Lopez in her hit video. Get inspired by one of her three looks ( silver, black or khaki) 🏆 1 Trophy