The Drag-on-Ball KIKI EDITON - Come out & celebrate the inspirational universe of anime with us!
In celebration of Life, Love & Ballroom plus the sixth anniversary of German pioneering House of Melody ♥ Check out full schedule Give me Life by House of Melody


Mother Fujiko Bfuji (Italy)
Archie Burnett (USA)
Mother Zueira Angels (Germany)
Father Kennedy Venus (France)
Yukiko Mulan (Germany)

Commentator: Matyouz Royalty
DJ: Mr. Manic 
Host: Leo Venus & Crystal Gyva

Pre Sale via resident advisor: 11 €
At the Door: 14€

Doors open participants: 7 pm
Doors open audience: 8pm
Begin: 8:30pm

PARTICIPANTS do not need to buy a ticket, but have to register to get the reduced participant fee!!! 
E-mail to : with ballroom name + category + country 


🏆Best Dressed Spectator
Come as you are - just dressed to impress!

🏆Best Dressed Drag Queen/ King
Serve us your best drag outfit inspired by the great universe of ANIME! 


🏆All American OTA
Bring it as Spike Spiegel, the main character of the cult anime “Cowboy Bebop”. Be charismatic, sexy and smart!

🏆Tag Team European Runway OTA
Who is the fiercest pirate of them all? Show us your version of the Straw Hat Pirates with your “nakama” either as Nami & Nico Robin OR Vinsmoke Sanji & Roronoa Zoro!


🏆Vogue Fem OTA
Serve it in a catsuit as one of the Kisugi sisters from the Anime “Cat´s Eye”!

🏆New Way vs Old Way OTA 
The cult anime “Ranma 1/2” has a fabulous cast of characters. Pick one and take us to your universe!

🏆Virgin Performance Old Way / New Way / Fem
Push through as one of the characters of “Samurai Champloo”, but don’t forget to choose your style!

🏆Handsperformance vs. Arm Control
Tell us your story as a fighter. Choose Hands, if you want to be a shinobi and incorporate the intriguing hand jutsus from “Naruto”. Or Arms - and show us the power of martial arts using the signature moves from “Dragonball”!


🏆Face FF
Serve us beauty and grace as Nelliel Tu Odelschwanck from the shonen anime “Bleach”. Don’t forget to have red stripes / elements in your make up! 

🏆Face MF
Be fierce like a peacock. Serve us face as Yumichika Ayasegawa from “Bleach” adding feather elements to your visage! 

🏆Best Drag Make Up
Mysterious and sassy – the Witch of the Waste. Get inspired by the fierce witch of “Howl’s Moving Castle” and serve us your best Drag Make Up!

🏆Sex Siren FF
Serve it hot and seductive like Faye Valentine (Cowboy Bebop) and make us want YOU!

🏆Sex Siren MF/ Catboys 
The hottest rival of Son Goku – Vegeta (Dragonball). Channel his persona and make it HOT!


🏆Tag Team Realness (FQ/ Butch/ BQ / Transmen)

Pokemon has its iconic cast of characters. Be real as one of the characters.

Schoolboy VS Schoolgirl: Ash VS Misty
Executive Realness: Officer Jenny & Nurse Joy VS Giovanni & Professor Oak
Thug Realness: Team Rocket
Pretty Boy VS Pretty Girl: Chilli, Cress & Cilan VS The Sensational Sisters


🏆First time in Drag at a Ball – Drag Queen
Momoiro Island (One Piece) has one if the most funny set of characters. Come in an outfit with soft and pastel colors!

🏆First time in Drag at a Ball – Drag King
The Blackbeard Pirates (One Piece) are feared amongst their peers. Spread fear and terror in dark muted colors!

🏆Lip Sync Performance
Serve us a song chosen by you as either Marco or Gina from the adventurous anime movie “Porco Rosso".

The 70’s anime series Cutie Honey is a classic! Serve us looks inspired by the funky antagonists Sister Jill or Tarantula Panther!