FIRST GERGMAN VOGUING HOUSE - Artist Collective - Dance - Music - Modeling - Choreography - Coaching

The Artist Collective House of Melody actively organises dance workshops, panels, session and dance events with international guests at venues like Tanzhaus Nrw, Schauspielhaus Düsseldorf, Musuemsnacht Köln, Tanzhaus Nrw, Sophiehsälle and Hau in Berlin. On stage the talented crew performed for Udo Lindenberg, Cakes the Killer, Zebra Katz and at Cooperate Events & Tv Shows like Got to Dance, 5 Gegen Jauch , Schlag den Raab, Audie, Converse Fleurope Interflora 2015 or Sky Mira Award 2014.

Mother Leo Melody, La Borka Melody, Gazelle Melody, Zero Melody, Tiger Melody, Golden Child Melody, Nuria Melody, Ray Melody, Yukiko Melody, Crystal Melody, Keys Melody, Osiris Melody, Arigato Melody, DaSilva Melody, Christopher Melody